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Emily Kopania - Evolutionary Genomics

Drawing of lab mice
Mouse drawings by Emily Moore. Check out more of her art and cool science here!
A photo of Emily outside

I am an evolutionary biologist seeking to understand how selection pressures act across developmental processes. I use genomics and molecular biology to do this. Most of my work has focused on understanding the molecular evolution of spermatogenesis in murine rodents and male hybrid sterility in house mice. More recently, I have started studying the evolution of the retina in fish. See my Research page to find out more, and check out my publications and presentations here.

I am currently a postdoc in Nathan Clark's lab at the University of Utah. I did my Ph.D. with Jeff Good at the University of Montana and worked in Matt Dean's lab at the University of Southern California as an undergraduate and master's student.

You can email me here. I am also on Twitter, GitHub, and Google Scholar.

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